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Boy and Cat Reading Longview WA
Mt Rainier
Frog on a swing
Bee landing on flower
Salem's Riverfront Carousel
House in the woods
Oregon Covered Bridges     Wending Bridge
Old but colorful
Need a college degree
Orange and Yellow Dahlia
Dahlia   Pink Star
Chambers Railroad Covered Bridge Oregon
Chambers Railroad Covered Bridge Oregon
Challenge photo  Hat
Queen Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant
Challenge photo  Something there is a lot of
Challenge photo  Faceless portrait
Challenge photo  Architecture
Challenge photo  Water
South Park
Challenge photo  Shadow
Challenge photo  Feet
Challenge photo  Boat
Challenge photo Bokeh
Challenge photo  Symmetry
Challenge photo  FENCE
Day with my Son
Hidden in the grass
A Seattle day on Lake Washington
Blue Ford Truck
Lilly White flowers
Jayne Mansfield, Actress
Yellow Rosebud
Church of St. Patrick Tacoma WA
Red Rosebud
Sunflower   to cheer up your day
Giant Igana Lizard
Flamingo with upside down heart
Indian Clock Vine
Handicap    How to get to Heaven