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Fort Nisqually Tacoma WA  Settlers
The Moss grows on which side?
Wildwood Park
World's largest duck Tacoma
Sumatrang Tiger Point Definance Zoo
Monteith House Albany Oregon
Oregon Winery in the Spring
Husband Day Care
Miniature Park on the Stump
Bush House Salem, Oregon
Snowy Owl
Posing for Grandpa
Common Teasel Flower
Thank you Veterans
After the dam is removed
Wright Park Conservatory
Office Covered Bridge Oregon
Window view
Office Covered Bridge
Mosby Creek Covered Bridge Oregon
Indian Peacock
Parvin Covered Bridge   Oregon
Fluted Cup Rain Chain
Common Teasel Flower
Western Scrub Jay Posing
Mosby Creek Covered Bridge Oregon
Willamette Queen
Spring May actually be here
Yellow Caboose
Exotic Moorish Saltwater Angel Fish
Currin Covered Bridge
Red Flower with Yellow Center
Indian Peacock
Boat Garages
Centennial Covered Bridge
No Pets
Blue Hippo Tang
New Member of the Family
Bush House Salem, Oregon
Black Carousel Horse   Salem Oregon
Crawfordville Covered Bridge Oregon