Sumatrang Tiger Point Definance Zoo

Posted by Bruce (Tacoma, United States) on 17 June 2017 in Animal & Insect and Portfolio.

Size: 7-8 feet long; about 2 feet tall at the shoulder; 190-310 pounds. Males are larger than females.

Wild Diet: Wild pigs, deer, tapirs, fish, anything else they can catch

Predators: Humans; young tigers also can fall prey to leopards, snakes, and other tigers

Reproduction: Sumatran tigers are ready to mate around 3-4 years. Females give birth to a litter of 2-4 cubs after a gestation of 100-110 days. Cubs weigh a little over two pounds at birth and nurse for 6-10 weeks. By 18 months old, they are ready to hunt for their own food.

Behavior: Tigers are generally solitary and not very active most of the time. They sleep 18-20 hours per day. Both male and female tigers mark their territory by spraying urine on trees, bushes, and the ground. The exact range of the Sumatran tiger is not known, but the population density is approximately 4-5 adult individuals per 40 square miles of lowland rainforest. They enjoy water and will swim to cool down in the hot jungle.

I appreciate all the comments – I find them very encouraging. My primary photography is flowers and landscapes along with my grandkids.

Most of my photos are, “as they were taken.” I do work with lighting or darkening them in many cases (and sometimes I will sharpen them) but I try not to use too much “photo-shopping” If I do adjust them – I try to mention it.

My goal is to I try to keep my photography as photography and not turn it into art. While I do love the retouched photos, I personally think they become art and not photography – just my opinion.

Devi from Chennai, India

a great shot of this majestic animal !

17 Jun 2017 11:17am

omid from mashhad, Iran

A M A Z I N G !

17 Jun 2017 6:52pm

L'Angevine from Angers, France


18 Jun 2017 8:08am

Nikon D7100
1/250 second
ISO 6400
105 mm (35mm equiv.)


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